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  • What is Enduro?

    The popular international Enduro racing format encourages spectators and sponsors alike to catch the high-speed, adrenaline-fueled action of all-mountain riding at its finest. Enduro showcases the best all-around trail rider that can tackle any type of terrain, the fastest. Enduro racing turns an epic all day group ride into the ultimate test of fitness and technical skills, while also giving participants a chance to ride some of the best trails in each respective area where BME events are held.A Big Mountain Enduro race is best described as an all day trail ride in amazing locations, where you’re timed only on the descents; the most fun part of each trail system. BME events integrate lift-access and pedal transfer stages to truly showcase the most challenging trails in each host location and to maximize the vertical descending and racer experience at each event.

  • How does the series points work?

    The 2024 Big Mountain Enduro tour consists of six series points events. Four of the six tour stops will count towards series points for all Ameture classes.  If you race the entire series, your two lowest score will be dropped, factoring in your top four respective finishes. The BME series overall title will be awarded to the athlete with the most points (from 4 of the 6 events) following the 2024 Finals.


    BME Rulebook & Points Breakdown

  • What are the different race categories

    Race Category


    • Pro Open
    • U21 Men
    • Expert Men (21-39)
    • Amateur Men Open
    • Masters Men (40-49)
    • Masters Men (50+)
    • E-Bike Open



    • Pro Open
    • U21 Women
    • Amateur Women (21+)
    • E-Bike Open


    • (15-18) Advanced Boys
    • (15-18) Advanced Girls
    • (13-14) Boys

    Racing Age: Your racing age is determined by your age on December 31, 2024.

    E-Bike Categories will NOT earn series points.

    For the podium, Big Mountain Enduro will recognize the top 3 men and top 3 women in all categories and the top 5 for pro women and pro men.

  • How much does it cost to race?

    Season Pass discounts at 15% off when registering for the full series.

    2-Day Events:

    Early Registration = $219 (January 1st – 31st)

    Tier 2 = $229 (February 1st – 28th)

    Tier 3 = $249 (see specific venue page for dates)

    Late Registration = $260 (see specific venue page for dates)

  • Transfer & Deferrals

    There are no DEFERRALS for the 2023 BME season.

    To TRANSFER your registration to another rider, here’s what you do:

    Login to EnMotive.com

    Go to your Registrations

    Find the registration you’d like to transfer

    Select the action icon in the top right corner

    Select to “Transfer Registration”

    Enter the email address of the Transfer Recipient

    Once you submit the Transfer Request the Transfer Recipient will receive an email with a link to registration, this link is only valid for 48 hours so they must registration within a couple day of your submitting your request.

  • Waitlist Policy

    Big Mountain Enduro 2023 Waitlist Policy

    When applicable, to join the Waitlist please select your registration type below.When joining the Waitlist the full registration fee and service fees is due at the time of registering.


    If you register for the Waitlist and are not selected as a confirmed participant for this event you will have the option to either receive a refund of your entry fee less processing fees or request a deferral code for another 2023 event with spots available.


    If you are moved from Waitlist to Confirmed, you will receive an email notice at the email address listed on your registration, please make sure support@imathlete.com is included on your safe sender list so this email doesn’t end up in a spam folder.


    If you have any questions regarding event Waitlist policies, please contact the event organizers at: info@bigmountainenduro.com.

  • How to change race category

    To change your race category for any 2023 event, please follow the instructions below. This must be done at least one week in advance of the event weekend. You must remain in the same category for at least 4 races to earn series points. Note that if you change your category after the second race of the race season, you will not earn points for the overall series rankings.

    Login at EnMotive.com

    • Go to your My Account (top right corner)
    • Select the Registrations tab in the left side navigation
    • Find the registration you’d like to edit
    • Select the actions icon in the top right corner and select Change Category. Other actions available here are View Registration
    • To edit registration details, Transfer
    • Give you spot to someone else, and Defer
    • Defer your entry to another event
    • Select your new Category and continue with registration to complete the change
  • E-Bikes

    BME will be offering e-bike categories at the Mt. Nebo, Sunrise, Purgatory (bike park only) and Big Sky events. At this time, Brian Head, UT does not allow e-bikes. E-Bike categories will not earn overall series points.


    The E-bike categories will ride the same courses as all other categories at each venue, with the exception of minor changes and small climbs added at the race director’s discretion. The courses raced will share similar stages with the BME, with the exception of some of the following changes:

    1. Fewer chairlifts where applicable (all pedal transitions).

    2. More time on the bike via pedal transitions.

    3. Some timed uphill sections integrated into some race stages.

    4. Shorter overall time to complete the day.


    The course will vary depending on the event location and will be subject to change as determined fit by the race director. The E-bike race categories will have a MINIMUM of one ‘positive grade stages’. Positive grade stages will be a combination of two descending stages with a short technical climb connecting descents; i.e. Super D style format.

  • Beginner ?

    The Big Mountain Enduro will does not offer a Beginner devision. Novices should sign up for the amateur categories.   We are working with our resort partners to provide more “go-arounds” and are working diligently to provide a more inclusive racing experience.   In our amateur categories, should a racer decide to not race a stage they will be given a time of the last place rider in their category plus :60 seconds.   Due to the demand of new racers looking to enter the sport of enduro and compete in major events, this will provide racers an opportunity to ride the same courses as the Pros and Experts, with minor trail adjustments made to offer less technically demanding stages. All categories will race all stages and follow the same schedule as other categories, while still delivering the world-class racing experience and camaraderie that the BME community is known for. It is highly recommended to know what you are getting into and to practice all stages to familiarize yourself with the terrain and technical features before race day.

  • What level of rider do I need to be to race?

    Any type of rider can race a BME event. From amateurs to the top level pro racer, our races suit all skill sets for every caliber of rider, including juniors and first-time beginner racers. But rest assured, BME events are not for the faint of heart and our race series is one of the most challenging in North America and does entail technical features, which include black diamond and double black diamond trails. Those racing a BME event will walk away a stronger, more confident rider, while building new friendships and camaraderie along the way.  

  • Do you offer racing for Juniors?

    Yes, the BME fully supports the up-and-coming youth and junior development aimed at mountain biking and a healthy lifestyle.  We have partnered with the Youth Enduro Series to offer similar classes so youth can participate in both series.  Two of the BME events this year, Sunrise Az and Brian Head Ut, will serve as double headers for both BME and YES participants.  YES participants will be racing on the park stages on Saturday’s while the BME participants are in the backcountry stages.  We are proud and very excited to bring a whole new generation of racers to the already popular BME events. We welcome all kids and parents to get involved with the BME and our ever-growing mountain bike community.”

    Learn More at: Youth Enduro Series

  • What happens if I have a mechanical during the race?

    There is no part swapping during the race. That includes suspension, wheels and frame (front and rear triangles). The BME typically has tech support in the BME sponsor village area, although some part replacements can result in a time penalty or disqualification, so know the rules and read the official rulebook for those important details. Any competitor caught swapping parts or receiving outside assistance from a non-racer without prior agreement from the Race Director will be disqualified. This includes using team support or outside help to carry equipment on the race course or performing repairs during the race.

  • What gear do I need to carry during the race?

    All riders must wear a helmet during competition, during both Liaison and Special Stages. Full face helmets are recommended for most venues. The helmet should meet the regulations set by the event organizer. The correct fitting, condition and suitability of the rider’s helmet is the sole responsibility of the rider.

    A two-piece helmet (with removable jaw piece) will be accepted as a full face helmet. However, due to national insurance and federation regulations any helmet used in an event must pass the standards of national regulations. Further information may be found in the Rulebook for each event.

    Specific body protection and helmet requirements may also be stipulated at each event in accordance with that territory’s national regulations. Any protection rules put in place by the organizer must be followed by all competitors. No exceptions will be permitted. Depending on the venue and access to the tech/pit area, riders can carry protective gear with them, so long as it does not break the part replacement rules. Each rider must be self-sufficient during the entire duration of the race (food stashes are not permitted). Personal responsibility and self-sufficiency are a large part of the spirit of enduro racing and riders are encouraged to carry adequate gear for operating in mountainous environments. Each rider should remember that they are solely responsible for themselves but are urged help other competitors on course.


    Read the rulebook

  • Sponsorship

    The Big Mountain Enduro presented by Specialized could not happen without the incredible support from our sponsors. Year in and year out, the BME creates great racing experiences, valuable marketing programs, and helps bring products and ideas to the forefront of the mountain bike industry. For more information on how to integrate your brand and become a sponsor of the BME, please contact Robert Herber.