The Big Mountain Enduro is the premier Enduro tour in North America and currently holds stops in the most picturesque vacation destinations throughout the rugged west. This highly anticipated race series offers some of the biggest and most challenging mountain bike terrain in the country that often includes a combination of backcountry and lift-accessed stages throughout the series. Each race stage is specially designed to give participants a unique riding experience, including high altitude trails, a mix of pedal transitions and big descents that test athlete’s pure strength, endurance and technical skills.


About us

The history of BME

Creation of Big Mountain Enduro

Established in 2012 by a bike manufacture to help further the Enduro racing scene.


Moving the series out of just Colorado and to other west coast states.

New ownership

Robert Herber takes over ownership and expands the series from west to east coast. Along with upping the production and purse the highest in the world for enduro riders.





Creation of Big Mountain Downhill

Expanding from just an Enduro series to a complete gravity series.


Robert Herber

Event Director / CEO

With over two decades of experience racing mountain bikes and orchestrating successful races, Robert has become a driving force in the world of competitive mountain biking. His journey began over twenty years ago, as a passionate rider who discovered the thrill of conquering trails and pushing personal limits. Through the years, his dedication to the sport evolved into a mission to provide unforgettable racing experiences to fellow enthusiasts.

Tyler Tibbitts

Assistant Event Director

Tyler brings a unique blend of skills and passion to the world of mountain biking. Hailing from a background of racing cars since a young age, Tyler spent years navigating the high-speed world of motorsports. However, around five years ago, an unexpected shift occurred as his heart and focus pivoted from the track to the trails.

Greg Dieterich

Operations Manager

Before diving into the world of mountain biking, Greg served as a fearless police officer, dedicated to protecting and serving his community. With a strong sense of duty and a commitment to ensuring safety, Greg spent years on the frontlines, upholding law and order.

Kevin Krueger

Course / Timing Manager

By day, Kevin excels as an aviation mechanic, meticulously ensuring the safety and functionality of airplanes and helicopters. His aviation career has taken him all over the world and provided the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. Beyond the hangar, Kevin can be found riding his Harley, at the motocross track, in the mountains hunting and fishing, but most importantly, riding his mountain bikes.

Austin White

Marketing Manager

Austin's roots come from Motocross and with his whole life inside that industry, it was an easy transition to cycling. With more than 20 years experience in marketing and his large array of tools, BME is able to do things that no other Enduro events are able too.

Rich Cramer

Podcast Host

While Rich is a successful figure in the business world, his true passion lies in the exhilarating world of mountain biking. As a dedicated husband and father of two spirited girls, Rich juggles his responsibilities while channeling his boundless energy into sharing his passion for the sport.